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Have you just bought a vacuum cleaner and need a reliable source of reference information to use and preserve your machine for a long time? You have found the right article. Here, we will answer common questions about using the vacuum cleaner, and we also advise on how to keep your vacuum cleaner in excellent condition.

1.How many times a week should you vacuum?

If you have time and conditions, you should vacuum every day. However, if you are too busy, you can also vacuum just once or twice a week - definitely cleaning up areas that are generally not used. For best results, move the vacuum cleaner slowly while operating it and vacuum the area many times if you are cleaning carpet.


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2.When vacuuming carpet, how many times should we vacuum to ensure the carpet is clean?

Generally, you should vacuum the area 6-7 times (if the carpet gets much dust), or 3-4 times (if it is not too dirty). If you are allergic to dirt or dust, you should choose a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and dust sensor.

3.When do you need to replace the dust bag?

In theory, you should replace the dust bag when it is full, but in fact, you need to replace it as soon as the bag reaches 3/4 full. Although some vacuum cleaners have dust warning lights, it is necessary to check the dust bag regularly to avoid the dust bag being too full. If the bag is overfilled, the vacuum cleaner will reduce suction and performance. If your home has a pet, you should change the bag more often. For strong and even suction force, check the level of dirt in the bag before each use.

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4.When should you change the filter?

You do not need to change the filter as often as the dust bag. You only need to replace it when it shows signs of wear, is too dirty, or torn.

5.The vacuum cleaner suddenly stops working or doesn't vacuum up–what should I do?

First, double-check the machine. To do so, you need to turn off the vacuum and unplug it, then check if the belt is worn or broken. Is the brush roller entangled with hair? Also, check the dust bag and clean the bag or dust box. Sometimes, vacuuming on new carpets is also the cause of the blockage because new carpets still have small untreated wool fibers, which are easily sucked into the machine quickly and clogs the air flow. If you have checked everything and your vacuum cleaner still does not work correctly, take it to a repair shop.

6.Does using powder to clean carpets when vacuuming damage the machine?

As long as you have a good vacuum cleaner, the powder is not a problem. Carpet cleaning powder can clog dust bags but should not damage the machine. Then you only need to replace the new dust bag for your home vacuum cleaner.

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