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TÉMA: Wonder why RuneScape would be now

Wonder why RuneScape would be now 6 mesiacmi 1 týždňom pred #9623

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I always wonder where RuneScape would be now if jagex had never eliminated free trade. That really hurt Runescape game. With no 3 changed, RS would most likely be the most popular MMO in the world still today.Without removing free trade buy RS3 gold, RS likely would have died. Credit card companies were close to banning Jagex since there were numerous illicit charges.There were other options. Andrew Gower himself stated that if he could go back in time, he'd have never made that call, which it is his regret when it comes to Runescape game. There were other ways.

I think people underestimate how significant EoC was to some lesser extent, and is, its first implementation was but Runescape game would be crap without it. Happy it arrived, stayed, and is worked on to some degree.Why is it significant? It pushed off a large chunk of the Runescape playerbase. No one was leaving because combat wasn't upgraded, but tons left because it was. It's one huge reason OSRS is so successful (even moreso than EoC nowadays ), because they essentially nullified each of the terrible changes which were made from 2007 onward.

Since Runescape game was already massively stagnating and we'd not have any of those enjoyable pvm experiences that exist without it. It pushed Runescape players off because it was executed and took some time to bring up to snuff, by which time people had given up on Runescape match until older school came about. Runescape might be less popular than older school, but it is a much better game because of EoC, and it would go to zero without it.

I wish to run an idea past you since your look like somebody who enjoys eoc. (In my opinion eoc feels like talent spam( particularly pre revo). Starting from pre eoc, suppose rather than making it ability junk there was a smaller number of abilities and they acted as nutritional supplements to your next attack, maintaining attack speed (likely make defensive instant but delay your assault like eating). I'm not certain what was actually needed for those bosses although I'm thinking maintain thresholds, and adrenaline although not most of the basic skills.

This could let the utility and harm abilities are added by them Runescape players would require for bossing, but would keep more of the classic rs feel while becoming disruptive to the area. Genuinely wish to know whether it's possible to see issues with that, I play RS3 but that I do not do high level so I'm basically asking for a sanity check if you understand or do the bosses that want eoc, bossing.

The combat system that is whole. Most supervisors strike a 4 game tick rate (2.4 moments ) which makes the whole thing feel less"turn based" than pre eoc. I think calling it"crap" tries to suggest it seems like pressing all the buttons all the time and skills just fire as fast as you can push buttons whenever they are off cooldown, which is simply not the case.

If you would like, you can think about all battling as autoattacks (it's not, mostly since autos still exist separately, but operate with me for a sec) where the ability you use next increases or reduces the damage based on whether you used a stronger ability or a poorer ability. What you are describing sounds more like a method as it is, compared to a change to wrap one's head about EoC.

We are at a point where every thing is heavily designed around ability use. I guess at a certain point I do not fully understand the system you're proposing today as it is, since I really do understand EoC. (Edit to say I hope this makes sense and that I genuinely don't want to come off as shitty just expect that is educational, if you would like help with EoC or anything runescapey feel free to pm me I am far from ideal or top tier but I know a fantastic deal about Runescape sport ).

Release eoc did feel as if skill spam to me personally, you cycle though a few skills until you get adren to get a threshold pressing 12345 in order of what's off cooldown every 1.8s, I had been doing slayer to be honest so that's how I felt at release and taste just kind of stuck

I am not implying by calling it junk to be apparent that which you cited, but it felt wrong when a 2h began swinging 25% faster than a scimmy. I want to keep weapon auto attack speed, since the foundation for those skills speed therefore a scimm may use them quicker than a 2h, using eoc there is not much reason to pick a faster weapon over a lesser one afik, and eliminate most of the basic abilities that you simply use for damage, or make the cooldown more at the least, so autos are used 90 percent of the time and skills used only when a boss wants bleed or startled etc..

The thought started as usefulness steroids and cooldowns as a more simple solution although I am not 100% certain what is required for higher level supervisors which is the reason I included damaging and adren thresholds in the article. Slower combat that appears that are sill turn based, quite straightforward to comprehend, and something that works with the supervisors that are more recent but wouldn't have been such a huge disruption is the objective. It's just sort of interesting to muse about what other ways they might have done eoc.

RS2 got to a stage where development was stagnated. Design in the combat system that is pre-EoC blatantly overpowered and divided chaotics/overloads/turmoil / Nex armor, there wasn't any method to possess boss experiences that are reasonable without them being cheesed by gamebreaking gear. Tuning the numbers can only go up to now. When we needed any semblance of progression and new PvE content, then something important had to change about Runescape game.

I think that it had been a significant shift that had to happen, although Most of us know eoc was badly executed. For the most part, I adore what bossing has evolved into. Revolution ought to have been contained in the start OSRS GP. The significant thing to me is that the PvP scene, and its own death. I really don't see the wilderness could not /can't be like a match mode where exceptional attacks and its legacy still operate. Cap gear's tier you even tweak, or can bring in the hp. This would change the market for non tier items such as gwd1. It would be somewhat confusing, but I wonder if this kind of thing was considered?
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